It’s my last official week working on the edit of High Fantasy and I’ve got to say that it feels like I’ve only just started getting into it. The idea of editing a feature was so daunting at first that I figured I would either quit halfway or be replaced. But then we had an assembly cut of the film – this crazy neat little timeline of colourful blocks that resembled the waveform of a song. It was a 90-minute thing and we had made it.

Of course the pacing was completely off-centre and there were tons of scenes that could be cut, shortened, moved around or lengthened, but the idea that a few months ago Jenna had pitched this idea to me, and that we had actually gone and shot it and now edited it into something semi-cohesive was an incredibly inspiring feeling. It made me want to keep going and keep getting feedback and keep making the right changes.

We now almost have a second cut of the film but are still a ways off being finished. I’ve learnt so much from this whole experience and it feels like I’m finally at a point where I’m comfortable enough to keep doing it and trust my instincts. So I’m going to continue working on the film, even if that means doing it in my spare time. I find it creative and rewarding, and I don’t want to stop now. In fact I want to try my hardest to keep editing features or to see which avenues this can take me. I think the film has potential to be really good, it just needs the work and time put in to make it so.


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